Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Past Month

There are a couple things I've done this month. I read the twilight series of books and I thought they were great. I've started going to a hip hop class on Wednesdays, and that is really fun. I sold my first horse Tito and bought a new one named Gold Buckle. She's fun to ride and I look forward to riding a lot now that it is starting to warm up outside.

Since the last time I blogged it snowed twice here. Once during the day on Jan. 28th and at night on Feb. 3rd. It was a lot of fun for us considering it doesn' t snow too much here. My camera got dropped and broke this night when we were playing out in the snow, so I don't have a camera for right now, so hopefully I get a new one soon so I can blog again. The next day after the snow me and Blake built a snowman, but I don't have a picture because my camera is broken. So that was sad.

Rachael and Lyla out in the snow.

Blake is out in the snow smiling for the camera.

Kenzee just looking so sweet out in the snow.

This is Lyla opening her presents on her 1st birthday!

It has been over a month since the last time I blogged. So I've just been going through what happened this month. My little Lyla turned 1 on Jan. 30th and we had a birthday party for her on February 2nd. She loved her cake and Kenzee did, too. She is growing so fast.