Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend in Vegas

We went to Vegas this weekend because my mom was taking Kenzee, her cousin Alyssa(Kenzee's best friend), and me to Disney on Ice. We came on Thursday so we went to Tyler's parents because that is where we stayed. The next day I took the kids over to my sister Angela's house to play with her kids, and so we could visit. Then on Saturday we went to Disney on Ice. The girls absolutely loved it. It was a really cute show.
Here's Kenzee, Lyla, and Blake just playing at Grandma Nancy's.

This is Blake, Jake, and Zack just being silly together at Angela's house.

Just hanging out. Here's Susan, Lyla, Kenzee, and Pink Baby(she goes everywhere with us). Kenzee has had that baby and loved her since her first birthday.

Saturday, January 19th

Here's my princess watching Disney on Ice. Afterward she told me it was really, really fun. Then she told my mom she wanted to see it again.

This is Kenzee and Alyssa smiling big for the camera. They had a blast.

Here's a picture of Kenzee, my mom, and Alyssa. I am not really sure why Kenzee's face looks like that. She was having a great time.

One Tooth

I thought I would put some cute pictures of my one tooth baby. I think it is so funny because normally both their front teeth usually come in. At least that is how my other two kids teeth came in. Lyla decided to get an eye tooth and a front tooth at the same time. So we call her one tooth for now, but her other front one is coming.

Friday, January 4, 2008

First Post

I am very new at this, so I thought I would start by putting on some of my favorite pictures over the last year.

This is me and Blake petting the dolphins at Sea World. They are so smooth.

This is me and Lyla just hanging out.


This is Blake and Kenzee being silly after we decorated the Christmas tree.

As you can see it's Halloween.

This is my favorite picture of Tyler and Lyla together.

This is Kenzee, Mariah, Payton, Kylee, Lyla, Blake, and Dillon on our trip to Salt Lake. This is at the temple.

Kenzee and Lyla just hanging out on the fourth of July.

This is a picture of Tyler, Blake, and Kenzee at a part of the Grand Canyon last March.