Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blake Lost His First Tooth

Last Sunday morning just before church Blake lost his first tooth. It was so ready to come out and instead of continuing to wiggle it he decided to give it a tug. Then it just popped right out. It was pretty funny.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


There was an art contest called Reflections at Blake's school. Blake drew a picture for it and got an Honorable Mention Award. Here are some pictures of the awards ceremony with his metal.

Halloween Week

Here's Blake as Snake Eyes the ninja on Halloween night.

Here's Kenzee as Barbie as Thumbelina and Lyla as a chicken. They had so much fun trick or treating that night. One house had a haunted house in their garage that scared Kenzee pretty bad, but she still loved getting the candy.

The kids had a Halloween Parade at their school one morning. They walked around the track two times. It was very cold that morning. The kids didn't care though. Here's Kenzee with her cousin Payton right behind her.

Here's Blake walking with his class.

One night that week we had a ward carnival. The kids played games and got candy. So we got a few uses out of the costumes.

NFL Flag Football

Blake played flag football this year. His team was called the Bengals. He had a great time.